The Shy Installation

The Shy Installation, 2020 (ongoing)
Marker, acrylic, stitch, cutting on fabric (174×134 cm and 208×134 cm), animation loops

The Shy Installation, is the name of a work process that gathers various forms of Ceren Oykut’s production together. The two works on fabric harbour the storyboard of short animation loops processed with marker, acrylic paint and stitch on the fabric surfaces. The large shapes dyed on fabric are the remakes of some digital screen recordings captured during Ceren Oykut’s various live drawing responses projected on the walls of various performance spaces.The Shy Installation swings inside the dark using a low light source and creates stories/dreams/fantasies/spaces/rooms/sanctuaries by using its own elements, invites the visitor to come near, to enter and attend.The Shy Installation is an ongoing project developed by Ceren Oykut during the pandemie on 2020. This work is presented in the 25th anniversary exhibition of Haus Schwarzenberg titled Lauschen Statt Rauschen (2020), Gallerie Neurotitan, Berlin

The Shy Installation, Installation view, Exhibition Lauschen Statt Rauschen (2020), Galerie Neutotitan, Berlin


The Shy Installation, animation loops, stitch, acrylic and marker on fabric