A Silent Room

Bande á Part ‒ Tanzbare Veranstaltung für Außenseiter presents:
A SILENT ROOM ‒ Movement & Sound Improvisation Vol.9
Eschschloraque, Berlin, 13-03-2018
Ceren Oykut (Live Illustration)
Carlos Osatinsky (Dance)
Fernando Nicolas Pellicoli (Dance)
Joshua Tennent (Sound)
Safy Etiel aka. VJ Sniper (Projection and technical mentoring)
Yuko Matsuyama: Concept and Performance
Photo: Henryk Weiffenbach

*This event was supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, as a part of Matsuyama’s research project “A Silent Room”, inspired by the presence of the emptied room at Rosenthalerstr. 39, Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt at Haus Schwarzenberg.

“In silence in a dark room, our mind recalls the colors and the sound.
Taking the question “How our perception for light and darkness could transmit into movement and sound” as a key to creation, performing-artist Yuko Matsuyama invites illustrator Ceren Oykut, multimedia-artist Safy Etiel, guitarist/sound designer Joshua Tennent, and improviser/choreographer Carlos Osatinsky & Fernando N. Pelliccioli for the 9th collaboration of the performance series Movement & Sound Improvisation (MSI).

The live projection by Safy Etiel and the black & white live-illustration by Ceren Oykut will be used as a silent dramaturgy for the improvisation. Joshua Tennent rises to the challenge to design sound for silence, and Fernando N. Pelliccioli & Carlos Osatinsky present the dialogue of dance and surrounding: “The ‘body’ is submerged in a flow of constant change of inner and outer necessities, in a permanent state of physical and mind dialogue between the organism and its surrounding. We consider ourselves as being in a permanent dance state of interrelated layers and are looking for a freer, more efficient, and creative spirit.”