Untitled Gate

Untitled Gate, Ceren Oykut
Site-specific drawing, marker on walls
Dominick Street 23, Shandon, Cork, Ireland, 2007

Slow Space Fast Pace, 28-09/07-10-2007
Exhibition of site-specific projects in Shandon, Cork, Ireland
Curated by Rana Öztürk
artists: Jim Buckley, Tim Furey, Belinda Guidi, Greer MacKeogh, Maslen & Mehra, Ceren Oykut, Ebru Özseçen, Julia Pallone, Karnival Magazine

Photography by Paul White, Ceren Oykut and Rana Öztürk

Ceren Oykut’s site-specific drawing work takes place on the inside walls of an empty domestic dwelling in Shandon. Oykut’s drawings has the characteristic of a diary that takes its source of inspiration from the subtle details in the dailylife of Istanbul, its continuous flux, contradictions and chaos. Istanbul provides invaluable possibilities for seeing and observing by tying together various cultures, different types of people, ways of thinking and interaction with the city. Through her observations, Oykut tries to reveal the social, political and cultural texture of the environment she is living in. Her main icons are always from the streets and represent the excluded people, such as the paper collectors, glue sniffers, unemployeds, street animals, street vendors, etc., which represent not only a poverty but a richness in the natural flow of life. Her work in Shandon is an attempt of overcoming the difficulties of drawing in another city that has totally different rhythm and order of daily life, as well as a meditation on the clash of different experiences in her hometown Istanbul and Cork.

Rana Öztürk