Lost Passport

solo exhibition, Kibla Multimedijski Center, Maribor, Slovenia, 2008


Lost Passport, digital print and marker on pattern paper, each: 80×120 cm, 2008

Ceren Oykut proudly presents her one-year Schengen visa on her lost passport.The persistent feeling of trespassing would not fade away. Yet, the riotous will to discover new lands and to explore different lives is always at stake.The more it becomes unreachable, the more you insist: New rules. New obligations. Additional documents. Further verifications. More questions. More legality. More reliable proof. A constant state of claiming your decency: all in all, you simply want to go to another land, not commit a crime.In the atlas of concealed lands, your voyage starts with daydreaming. Impossible lands with fictive characters and never-ending adventures shape your dreams with overlapping stories waiting to be told. To be in command of these passionate dreams, all you need is a visa on your passport. Some brave and lucky dreamers have managed to obtain it before, that we know. An artist girl worked hard for this: it is said that her dreams have exceeded her maps and that she has been searching for ways to control these maps. Then, she was invited here to exhibit these maps.Now, she also has to prove that she is in control of the situation. Even so, Ceren Oykut proudly presents her one-year Schengen visa on her lost passport.
Basak Senova, 2008

Lost Passport, marker on wall, Kibla Multimedijski Center, Maribor, Slovenia

Lost Passport, installation view,Kibla Multimedijski Center, Maribor, Slovenia, 2008