Map Of Neither

Installation view from the exhibition Twister, animation video 30”, video projection, stitch and cutting on fabric 200x 300 cm, nGbK, Berlin 2022 Documentation: ©Emre Birişmen, Berlin 2022

Map Of Neither * (2022- Ongoing)

Map Of Neither focuses on the undefined purgatory zone between the words “emigrant” and “immigrant” and reveals the stories of the hidden details and present a neutral space with individuals. It is a panoramic video installation of animation loops. The roots of this project go back to Atlas Of Interruptions, which was produced in Jerusalem in 2014. The site-specific work as part of Jerusalem Show VII was the observation of alienation in the homelands and restrictions on mobility in the east Mediterranean. I installed the drawings I made in Istanbul into Hamam Al Shifa in Jerusalem. Influenced by the Atlas of Interruptions, Map of Neither is a research project on my personal production. It is based on a counter-mapping method which discovers the invisible and magnifies the stories in the background. Video work created by the animation of the details cropped from my drawings, works like a topological map, in wich all details have relations, but the original gathering surface is no longer there. Panorama produces layers of surfaces that both blend and fragment the heterogeneous structure of the map. Map Of Neither aims to invalidate predictions and all possible outcomes and realizes itself within deterritorialization.

*Funded by Senate Department for Culture and Europe in 2021