Black on Black

Black On Black live at Project Space Festival, Apartment Project, Berlin, 2018

Black on Black

Black on Black was founded in Berlin in 2018, is an audiovisual performance series consisting of live drawing accompanied by live electronic music. The surprising, archaic, tameless lines of Ceren Oykut, are accompanied by Fezaya Firar’s live synthesized Sci-Fi acoustic waves.

Performances seek to capture the synergetic effect of sound and image that influence and inspire each other. Using the improvisation method, the artists emphasize being in search, protect their production from the limits of learned forms, and create areas of exploration between different mediums. Allowing environmental and spatial factors to drive mutual synergy, Black on Black performances carry a site-specific character. Everything is produced and presented at the location in real time. Artists who grew up in the same culture in Istanbul and live far from their homes share the same collective consciousness, develop new common languages and discover new forms in their art. Black On Black, on the other hand, is a core project where each artist forms deep bonds with one another through art and remains open to new forms of production.



Excerpt from the live performance, Radialsystem, Berlin, 2019